I am very passionate about art, design, and culture in general. I am always looking forward to new technologies and trends. I can learn new things and software fast and just love to face new challenges.
I am looking forward to a job that I can grow in my career doing what I love the most, and keep my work in the world.
I love new challenges,
I have 8 years of experience with design, with different segments, like e-commerce, websites, graphic, digital, social media, photography, motion and video.
● Advanced English, good skills in communication and writing
● Advanced ability with Adobe (Adobe XD, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, Premiere, After Effects)
● Advanced knowledge on CMS (WordPress, Joomla)
● Intermediate ability with Unity, C# programming and 3D softwares as Maya and Blender
● Intermediate ability with HTML, CSS, PHP and Linux
● Great skills in Art Direction
● Photography, video editing, motion and animation.
● Portfolio: